Good ideas for your Home

US Overseas we combine experience with good ideas
and diverse materials with an extraordinary living ambience.
We constantly check ourselves, combine and change our offer for you.
Handicrafts have long been more than just a "must", for many of our
customers,they mean individuality and their own style in a successful
interior.US Overseas has stood for this diversity since 2000 with "beautiful
views" for your Home and interesting, decorative elements.
We are pleased to tailor your ideas for Brass Handicrafts
with a lot of variety and individuality.

Our Products Offer Orientation

For our current product variations, we have prepared for you
right the product menu with a clear breakdown.
Take a look around, there is certainly the right one !
Sometimes we think "it can not get any better ! "
That's not right, of course ! Our society is constantly changing.
Our expectations, especially in social and ecological terms,
expect progress and rethinking of all companies.
We stand by this responsibility and are actively committed
to an improved and shared future.
This is expressed in our products